The Dream Team

Meg Horan



Meg is known for her empowering and creative Vinyasa classes. Her teaching style is inspired by both the Ashtanga and Iyengar lineages, with a heart of Bhakti interwoven through it all.  Although sometimes her classes are seen as physically challenging, Meg encourages her students to move past the physical practice into other aspects of yoga; breathing, harnessing of the senses, shifting perception, detaching from the busy mind and connecting with their Divine within.

Meg guides her students to look deeper into their practice than the physical body and the mental noise. While cultivating physical and mental energy, she guides her students into a balanced center in presence. Meg reminds students of the tools they already have to take their practice off their mats into their world.

Meg is grateful for her wonderful teachers and for all of the people in her life that have guided her towards her spiritual practice. She urges her students to find gratitude for all of the teachers in their lives, too, including the ones that did not appear to be teachers at the time.

Meg lives right outside of Albany with her beautiful six-year-old son, Judah and her husband, Dustin.  She and Dustin own a yoga studio right in the heart of Albany called JAI.  She enjoys practicing and studying yoga, cooking, traveling, hiking, enjoying nature, and most of all, her time with her family. Meg loves making connections and building community in this wonderful world of yoga.

Meg’s Schedule